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Saica Wigan

Our Technical team along with P White Industrial Roofing Services were asked to visit site to survey several buildings with Asbestos Cement Roofing. The Asbestos Roof Sheets were cracked and were allowing rain water to ingress into the building damaging stock & halting production. Because Production could not be stopped & the roof could not be stripped we suggested that these roofs could be Over-Roofed. The following reasons were put forward:- Little or no disruption to the occupants and the process within the building, no waste removal or disposal problems, waterproof the roofs & improve thermal insulation.






The existing GRP Roof Lights were replaced with new SAA1 Rooflights to match the existing roofing.                                                                                                             The Over-Roofing System compriced of fitting a light weight galvanised steel channel fixed with brackets @ 1000mm ctrs through to the existing steel purlins, Insulation Cladding Roll laid out & new Plastisol coated Galvanised Steel Roofing 0.7mm htk fixed to the new secondary steek work, new GRP SAB3 Rooflights fitted & position over the existing rooflights.






The Finished Roof is shown below:-


D Hughes Demolition Ltd. Delph

Our Technical team were asked to visit site to survey a Atcost Reinforced Concrete Framed building with Asbestos Cement Roofing & Cladding hook bolted to Reinforced Concrete Purlins & Rails & Reinforced Concrete Gutters. As can be seen in the photographs the Abestos Roofing & Cladding was beyond repair & the gutters were allowing water through the joints.








We recommended a complete Re-Roof & Re-Clad of the building with Modern Composite Roofing & Cladding. We also recommended that the Concrete Gutters be lined with Ampteam Unifold Gutter Liner. The Composite Roofing & Cladding was fixed to new galvanised mini sections Tapconed to the Concrete Purlins & Rails. We provided D. Hughes Ltd. with prices for the supply of all the Roofing, FAIRs, Cladding, Gutter Liner, Flashings, fixings & Sealant. Within our service package we provided working drawings so their labour was able to fix the products supplied by Advanced Cladding. As can be seen from the photographs below the building now looks as good as new.




Hindley High School Wigan

Hindley High School BeforeA typical 70’s styled school building, with teracotta tiles to the vertical elevations, the whole building was looking tired and dated. Advanced Cladding were invited by Truline Construction Ltd. to provide price’s for the supply of the proposed Kingspan KS1000AWP panels. Not only did Advanced Cladding provide prices for all of the     components for the refurbishment of the  vertical elevations but also drawings of the layout &  flashings details The colours of the Horizontally laid Micro ribbed composite  panels were graded from Anthracite, Merlin Grey, Goosewing Grey & finally Gull Grey with Anthracite flashing’s. Truline Construction employed a specialist cladding  contractor – Des Allen to install the Galvanised Support & the panels & flashings.

The project was completed on time within budget & the Client was completely    overwhelmed with the outcome. Their comment was “it looks like a new school!”

Betel of Britain (Hardy Farm Rehabilitation Centre)

Betel of Britain (Hardy Farm Rehabilitation Centre) Inherited a building that had a felt roof that was holding water in the central area which was seeping into the building. They approached Refurb Solutiutions for impartial advice on systems available in the market place with their main brief being to create a fall on the roof and eliminate the flat roof.


After visiting site and discussing the clients requirements in more detail, Barry Massey – Technical Manager proposed ROframe® Flat to Pitch Solution. A price was submitted for the supply only of the new frame complete with the whole roof covering which included for roof sheeting,flashings, fixings, sealant & rain water goods. Betel of Britain employed a specialist cladding contractor – Des Allen to install the system. The project was completed in 6 weeks on budget and the client was completely satisfied with the whole process and the outcome.

Community Center Oldham

New Lease of given to a tired & shabby looking Building.













The client was presented with coloured scheme drawings showing how their building would look after it was refurbished. They were given several options, the one they choose was a Marley Lamina Cladding Panel. The sizes of these panels were optimized to save on waste & cost, these were then fixed back to a new timber support structure.

The finished Building looks as good as new.

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