Betel of Britain (Hardy Farm Rehabilitation Centre)

Betel of Britain (Hardy Farm Rehabilitation Centre) Inherited a building that had a felt roof that was holding water in the central area which was seeping into the building. They approached Refurb Solutiutions for impartial advice on systems available in the market place with their main brief being to create a fall on the roof and eliminate the flat roof.


After visiting site and discussing the clients requirements in more detail, Barry Massey – Technical Manager proposed ROframe® Flat to Pitch Solution. A price was submitted for the supply only of the new frame complete with the whole roof covering which included for roof sheeting,flashings, fixings, sealant & rain water goods. Betel of Britain employed a specialist cladding contractor – Des Allen to install the system. The project was completed in 6 weeks on budget and the client was completely satisfied with the whole process and the outcome.