D Hughes Demolition Ltd. Delph

Our Technical team were asked to visit site to survey a Atcost Reinforced Concrete Framed building with Asbestos Cement Roofing & Cladding hook bolted to Reinforced Concrete Purlins & Rails & Reinforced Concrete Gutters. As can be seen in the photographs the Abestos Roofing & Cladding was beyond repair & the gutters were allowing water through the joints.








We recommended a complete Re-Roof & Re-Clad of the building with Modern Composite Roofing & Cladding. We also recommended that the Concrete Gutters be lined with Ampteam Unifold Gutter Liner. The Composite Roofing & Cladding was fixed to new galvanised mini sections Tapconed to the Concrete Purlins & Rails. We provided D. Hughes Ltd. with prices for the supply of all the Roofing, FAIRs, Cladding, Gutter Liner, Flashings, fixings & Sealant. Within our service package we provided working drawings so their labour was able to fix the products supplied by Advanced Cladding. As can be seen from the photographs below the building now looks as good as new.