Saica Wigan

Our Technical team along with P White Industrial Roofing Services were asked to visit site to survey several buildings with Asbestos Cement Roofing. The Asbestos Roof Sheets were cracked and were allowing rain water to ingress into the building damaging stock & halting production. Because Production could not be stopped & the roof could not be stripped we suggested that these roofs could be Over-Roofed. The following reasons were put forward:- Little or no disruption to the occupants and the process within the building, no waste removal or disposal problems, waterproof the roofs & improve thermal insulation.






The existing GRP Roof Lights were replaced with new SAA1 Rooflights to match the existing roofing.                                                                                                             The Over-Roofing System compriced of fitting a light weight galvanised steel channel fixed with brackets @ 1000mm ctrs through to the existing steel purlins, Insulation Cladding Roll laid out & new Plastisol coated Galvanised Steel Roofing 0.7mm htk fixed to the new secondary steek work, new GRP SAB3 Rooflights fitted & position over the existing rooflights.






The Finished Roof is shown below:-